The Lunch Bunch: CSD’s Cafeteria Workers Go Great Lengths to Fuel Learning With Healthy, Mouth-Watering Food Choices

For some students, knowing what’s on the lunch menu might not be the most important part of the day. But for Canyons District’s Nutrition Services Department, it’s everything.

From taste tests to strict health requirements, locally sourcing ingredients and analyzing what’s a popular meal and what’s not, Canyons goes to great lengths to make sure students have healthy, delicious food choices every day at school.

This is the second year that all children have received school lunches and breakfasts at no cost, regardless of their family income, thanks to a waiver provided by the USDA — a massive operational challenge that CSD’s cafeteria workers have pulled off, despite pandemic-related safety challenges and supply-chain and labor shortages. Unfilled this year are 65 kitchen and cashier positions, reports Canyons Nutrition Services Director Sebasthian Varas. In addition, the supply chain of food items, paper products, and cleaning supplies has slowed considerably.

But Canyons District’s lunch crews still manage to serve up smiles, and healthy schools, every day. In honor of #NationalSchoolWeek, we invite you to tune into this mouth-watering episode of Connect Canyons where we take you behind the scenes of Canyons’ Nutrition Services Department.

Monday Mustang Message for October 11-15, 2021

Welcome to our Monday Mustang Message for the week of October 11-15, 2021.

  • It is getting colder outside! Please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather as they will go outside to play as long as the temperature is about 22 degrees and it is not raining or snowing heavily. Put their names in their coats and jackets in case they leave them somewhere, and make sure that they come home with the same items that they left with. 
  • Our monthly Mobile Food Pantry is tomorrow, Tuesday, at 3:05pm. Each family is eligible to receive approximately 20 pounds of food. The food can be heavy for students to carry so please join your student in picking it up if you are available. We hope to see you there!
  • Tomorrow evening is the PTA Spirit Night at Zupas restaurant. The PTA will receive a portion of the sales between 4-7pm which they will use towards field trips and other student activities.
  • There is no school this Thursday and Friday for fall break.
  • Please look for information coming home soon about the PTA Reflections program. Students can submit a variety of projects based on the theme, “I Will Change the World By…” The deadline is at the end of the month so ask your students to think about this question and how they could put their answer into art!

Thank you for reading this message and have a great week!

Canyons District is Undergoing Accreditation. What Does this Mean, and Why Does it Matter?

When you enroll in a college or university, you expect that your tuition dollars are being put to good use, and one important measure of quality is whether the institution is accredited. Accreditation is an assurance that the school you’ve chosen meets certain standards — and it applies, not only to colleges, but to high schools.

Each of Canyons District’s high schools are fully accredited, which means that employers and colleges will accept with confidence the diplomas they award. But accreditations have to be renewed periodically — and Canyons has decided to take its accreditation a step further by seeking districtwide certification through the Utah State Board of Education-endorsed agency Cognia.

Why go districtwide and what does that entail? It’s a heavy lift. Canyons will be the third school district in Utah to take the systemwide approach, said Jesse Hennefer, Associate Director of CSD’s Instructional Supports Department. But it makes sense to view K-12 systems holistically when you consider high school is the culmination of, not just four years, but 12 to 13 years of schooling. “Where schools have school improvement plans, this is our system improvement plan,”  Hennefer said.

Listen to Connect Canyons: Episode 23

The entire process began in 2019 with data-gathering and surveying of employees and parents.  The next phase will involve a virtual visit by a review team of educators from across the country. They’ll spend a few days learning about Canyons District, reviewing data, and interviewing parents, students, teachers, and administrators — the end goal being to deliver a notice of accreditation.

The final report that’s produced, along with supporting documents, will be available for public review and published on the District’s website, said CSD Student Support Services Director Cindy Hanson. “This is an objective measure of our growth and progress. It’s really about keeping ourselves accountable to the goals we’ve established for ourselves.”

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