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Midvale Elementary celebrates diversity. Our student population of about 700 students (grades K-5) is composed of 75% Hispanic, 21% Caucasian, 3% Native American, and 1% other minority children. 70% of our population speaks a language other than English as their primary language. Approximately 95% of our students qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. Breakfast and lunch is served 12 months a year. Our mobility rate exceeds 44% as 50% of our population moves two or more times during the year. Those students who remain in school for the full school year are working to develop English language skills that meet state goals on standardized achievement exams.

In an effort to provide a quality education for every student teachers systematically follow the Utah Common Core. Time has been allocated to allow teachers to collaborate together, analyze student data and implement best practices. Midvale Elementary qualifies for many state and federal grants. These funds are used to hire additional teachers to reduce class size and give students individual attention. Class sizes at Midvale average less than 25 students per classroom. All teachers have their ESL endorsement and all teachers use ESL teaching strategies in their classrooms. Teacher specialists are on staff to provide additional ESL and resource instruction to meet and exceed compliance regulations. There are also 2 achievement coaches who help support our teachers through data analysis to guide their instruction.

Teachers incorporate the best teaching practices daily for English instruction. Literacy and math are the school’s main focuses. All areas of the curriculum are integrated into these two major areas supported with technology. The Land Trust funds are used to support achievement in these areas. During teacher collaboration time students receive instruction in music, P.E., computers, life skills, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math.)

Midvale is proud to have a two-way Spanish/English immersion program which incorporates two classrooms per grades K-4. In this program, classes consist of English speaking and Spanish-speaking students. Classroom instruction is delivered half of the day in Spanish and half of the day in English. Enrollment in this program is done through the district by a lottery.

Midvale Elementary is in the second year of its’ Preschool Program.  This program prepares students to begin school.  Midvale has a school-wide Title I program.  As such funds are used to hire additional teachers and assistants to help students learn. A Success Maker lab, common core materials, and in-service opportunities for teachers are also part of the Title I funding.

Midvale Elementary has an afterschool program funded through a 21st Century Grant in which we partner with Boys and Girls Club from 3:00-5:30 M-Th. and 1:00-5:30 on Fridays to provide academic and youth development and support for kids. Enrollment in this program is limited and determined at the beginning of the year by a lottery. Student names may be added to the waiting list.

Full translation services are available daily in the office.  Translation is also provided for all parent conferences, phone calls, registration, PTA meetings, and whenever else they are needed.  All printed parent communication is sent home in English and Spanish.  Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the Adult Education Center, which is housed in one of the portables. Classes are offered in English acquisition, computer technology, parenting, studying for the GED test, etc.

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