School-Parent-Child Compact

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Midvale Elementary Title 1

Parent – School Compact



Midvale Elementary Staff will do the following to support students in achieving academic and life success:

            provide a safe environment

            provide a nurturing environment

            provide a high-quality curriculum

            teachers will all be highly qualified

            provide Parent-Teacher conferences twice a year

            teachers are available for additional conferences based on need

            provide frequent reports to parents of their child’s progress

            provide (for parents) reasonable access to staff, opportunities to volunteer, participate in, and support classroom activities.

            Show respect for parents and students

            Ensure that notes & communication is sent home in a timely manner



Parents will support their children’s learning by:

            monitoring  amount and content of media and/or television viewing

            listening to students read daily

            having their students daily to:
                    ·      arrive on time to school
                    ·      come prepared with completed homework
                    ·      ready to learn

            volunteering in the classroom and school

            asking your child for any papers from school


Students will actively participate in their own learning by:

            getting enough sleep each night

            coming to school every day

            coming to school on time

            being prepared for class

            being respectful

            obeying school and class rules

            giving parents notes and papers from school