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Student and Family Handbook 2020-21

Back to School Letter 2020 — Welcome Principal Reynolds!

Dear Parents/Families/Guardians,

It is with absolute pleasure that I welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year.  I am thrilled to call Midvale my new home, and I look forward to meeting the community that I have heard such wonderful things about.  My commitment to education began 26 years ago. Twenty-one of those years were spent teaching in the classroom, three years as an instructional coach supporting teachers and students, and finally, the last two as a principal at Sprucewood Elementary.

I feel very strongly that… Every moment we spend with your child is a gift.  Every morning, I feel lucky that I “get” to walk into a school full of curious minds, toothless smiles, and kind hearts.  Every day, I am committed to doing what is best for all students at Midvale Elementary.  I am excited for all of the opportunities that will lead all Mustangs in becoming college, career, and citizenship ready.

Starting school amidst a pandemic is a year that none of us could have even predicted would happen. Along with our teachers and staff, I am committed to providing an environment in which all students feel safe and welcomed each day.  All of us are committed to ensure that our students receive a high quality education, both academically and socially.  We will begin the year with a strong focus on the social and emotional needs of our students as we learn new routines and procedures on “how we do school” during this time.  We will also focus on our literacy goals, and continue the great work that has been done at Midvale the past few years.

Our theme for the year is very simple…Kindness.  Simple.  Powerful.  Important.

Lori Reynolds

Midvale Elementary Principal



Our goal is to have each student in class, learning, whenever possible.

We do understand that, given COVID-19 and other illness possibilities that students may be out more than usual this year.

For the safety of our entire community, please check your student for COVID-19 symptoms before sending them to school. If the student demonstrates signs of COVID-19, listed below, please keep them home.  You may be called and asked to pick up your child if they are showing signs of illness at school.

  • Fever/Chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath/Difficulty Breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or Body Aches
  • Loss of Taste or Smell
  • Sore Throat
  • Congestion, Runny Nose
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Stomach Ache/Diarrhea

Utah’s Compulsory Education Law states that all school age children must be in attendance at school unless there is a valid and legitimate excuse.  Please call the school in the morning if your child will not be in attendance that day.

Attendance number: 801-826-8743

Daily Schedules

School Hours

Monday-Thursday (Lunes – Jueves)  8:25-3:05

Friday (Viernes)   8:25-1:25

  • Students should arrive at school on time.
  • Students can arrive on campus at 8:00 AM for breakfast. Supervision is provided in the cafeteria.
  • If they are not eating breakfast, do not send children to school earlier than 8:10 AM as that is when outside supervision begins. All students will line up in their assigned area by grade level until the welcome bell rings at 8:25 AM. School instruction begins promptly at 8:25 AM.
  • Due to the After School program, the playground is closed after school.

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast (8:00- 8:20am) and lunch will be provided at Midvale at no cost to your child.  Breakfast will be provided in the cafeteria to Midvale Elementary students only.  Parents may accompany the students into the cafeteria for breakfast.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located in the hallway behind the double doors near the cafeteria/gym restrooms.  School personnel can assist students and families with accessing this area.  To help prevent the loss of objects, please make sure you write your student’s first and last name in permanent marker on all jackets, backpacks, lunch bags, etc.



We have a number of ways to contact families. Predominantly, we use Skylert for phone and email communication regarding what is going on at Midvale. Please make sure that we have an accurate phone number and email address on file at all times. If you need to change this information, please contact or visit our front office.

Emergency Contacts

Given the nature of this school year, with COVID-19, getting a hold of you or family/ friends will be important. Please list as many emergency contacts as possible with the school, including those who might be able to pick up your child if they are showing signs of illness.

School Website

The Midvale website is a primary source for everything you need to know about Midvale.  Visit the website regularly to get up-to-date information about Midvale. Check it out at https://midvale.canyonsdistrict.org


Stay tuned! We will be sending home information regarding how to use this wonderful tool to communicate with teachers and learn about what is going on in each classroom.


Each class sends home a folder/planner with important dates and documents that might include: classroom newsletter, notices of school related meetings, field trip permission slips, and information about school holidays or events. If the Main Office needs to communicate something highly important to families, we will use bright green paper – be on the lookout for bright green.


Our monthly newsletter shares highlights from the principal, important dates, new information, and resources available to students and families.

Teacher Conferences/ Meetings

The faculty at Midvale is always open to input and we encourage you to write, email, or call to schedule a conference whenever you have ideas or concerns. Faculty will work to respond to your requests in a timely manner. If a parent or family member has information or any concern that needs to be communicated to school personnel, please contact the teacher directly.  If additional support is needed beyond working with a teacher, please contact the main office and the designated administrator will work through the situation.

Communication with Principal Reynolds

Parents/Guardians or community members who have concerns or suggestions can call, write a note, or send an email to the principal, who is committed to providing a timely response.  If you would like to meet with Principal Reynolds in person, it is most effective to make an appointment prior to arriving at the school. We can schedule an interpreter for this meeting upon request.

Phone: 801-826-8725

Email: lori.reynolds@canyonsdistrict.org

How to Be Involved at Midvale

Midvale Elementary School is a Community School. We believe that the school, family, and community should be partners in the educational process. It is through the efforts and support of parents/guardians that the educational program at Midvale is greatly enriched. There are many opportunities for parents/guardians to support our dynamic community.

*NOTE: Due to COVID-19, for the first grading period we are pausing our parent and classroom volunteer program. We want to protect our entire community, and that means limiting the number of people in the building during the school day.


  • All parents/guardians and community volunteers must complete the district’s electronic volunteer process before helping with students in any way (this includes, but is not limited to, class parties, field trips, and presentations). You may apply at https://foundation.canyonsdistrict.org/index.php/volunteer.
  • Volunteers/visitors sign in on the computer located in the front office. Badges must be worn while in the building signaling you have entered according to district policy.
  • Please work with the classroom teacher and/or main office to schedule times to volunteer.
  • In order to eliminate additional distractions for our students, toddlers and infants should not be brought with you when you assist at school, even if they are well behaved.
  • While volunteering at school, you might hear or see things that should not be shared with other parents or discussed in the presence of your (or anyone’s) student. When working with students, you have a responsibility to keep things confidential.  Please consider the effect that gossiping and disrespecting students, faculty, and staff might have on your child and the overall school community. 

Midvale PTA

All parents, guardians, and grandparents are encouraged to join the Midvale PTA.  Your membership pledge of just $6 (or 2 for $11 in the same household) isn’t a commitment to serve on the PTA Board, work on a committee, or even volunteer in the classroom.  It’s a commitment to your child’s education.  Please take full advantage of the opportunity to partner with PTA by submitting a membership form.  Midvale PTA provides the following services:  Teacher appreciation, teacher and staff birthday recognition, Reflections program, box tops collections, Book Fair, community/family nights, and more! If you have questions or comments for the PTA, please contact the main office for information.

School Community Council *

The School Community Council consists of elected parents/guardians of students who attend the school, elected school employees, and the principal.  All parents/guardians of students attending Midvale are encouraged to participate. The council prepares a plan that identifies the school’s greatest academic need(s).  Plans are submitted on the Utah LANDTrust website.  The plans are approved by local school boards for implementation the following school year.  The council receives an annual dividend from the permanent State School Fund every July to implement the school’s approved plan during the next school year.  If you would like to participate in the Midvale Elementary School Community Council, please contact the main office.

General Policy Information

Bicycle, Scooter, and Skateboard Safety

Students may ride bikes, scooters, and skateboards to school. Students should dismount and walk when on school grounds. Bike racks are provided for students. Please send your student with a lock. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Bullying is an abusive and illegal behavior that harms victims and negatively impacts the school environment.  The definition of “Bullying” means intentionally or knowingly committing an act that endangers the physical health or safety of another.

The definition of “Cyberbullying” is using the Internet, a cell phone, or another device to send or post text, video, or an image, with the intent to hurt, embarrass or threaten another.

The definition of “Harassment” is repeatedly communicating to another individual in a demeaning or disparaging manner.

The definition of “Retaliation” is an act or communication intended as payback against a person for reporting bullying, cyberbullying or harassment.

Students who experience or observe bullying, cyberbullying, harassment or retaliation have a duty to report this behavior to school administration.  Students who fail to report such behavior are subject to disciplinary actions (possibly including suspension).  Students who make false allegations of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, or retaliation are subject to disciplinary actions (possibly including suspension).

Cell Phone/ Electronic Devices   Students and parents must assume the risk if a student brings a personal cell phone/electronic device to school. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen devices. Any use of an electronic device that exploits personal information, disrupts the educational process, invades personal privacy, or compromises the integrity of educational programs is strictly prohibited.  If a device becomes a distraction, then it will be removed from the student’s possession (like all items causing a distraction) and parents will be contacted to pick up the device from school.

Dangerous and Disruptive Conduct  

Students are expected to be safe, civil and respectful. The following conduct is defined as “dangerous and disruptive conduct” and is prohibited on school property, at school-sponsored activities, or while traveling in a school bus. Students may be suspended for the following behaviors:

  1. Possession of an explosive or flammable material
  2. Actual or threatened use of a real or look alike weapon with intent to intimidate another person or disrupt normal school activities
  3. The sale, control or distribution of a drug or controlled substance, an imitation substance, or drug paraphernalia
  4. Frequent or flagrant willful disobedience, defiance of property authority, or disruptive behavior, including the use of foul, profane, vulgar or abusive language
  5. Willful destruction or defacing of school property
  6. Behavior or threatening behavior which poses an immediate or significant threat to the welfare or safety of other students or school personnel or to the operation of the school
  7. Possession, control, or use of an alcoholic beverage
  8. Behavior that threatens harm to the school property, to a person associated with the school, or associated with the person
  9. Possession of pornographic material on school property
  10.   Bullying, cyberbullying, harassment and retaliation.

Students with prior knowledge of dangerous or disruptive behavior have the duty to report such behavior to school administration.  Students who fail to report such behavior are subject to appropriate disciplinary action (possibly including suspension).

Dress Code 

Students shall dress in a manner suitable to the day’s activities consistent with the standards or health, safety and acceptable behavior.  Student clothing and accessories must not present a distraction.  A distraction is defined as reactions by others to the clothing which causes the teacher to lose the attention of students and disrupts learning.

Food, Treats, and Snacks

Candy, cookies, cupcakes, and other packaged treats are welcome only for celebrating special occasions. All food items must be store bought and in the original package. Please communicate with teachers beforehand to request an appropriate time to bring in a special treat.

Illness or Injury at School  

If your child becomes seriously ill or is seriously injured at school, we will contact you immediately. Please keep all contact information in Skyward up to date and accurate so that we can reach you. If we cannot reach you, we will use the emergency contact information you have provided. Please remember, we cannot keep seriously ill or injured children at school, and may send a child home with the person you have designated as an emergency contact. If we cannot reach you or your emergency contacts, then we are authorized to seek medical help for your child, and may call the paramedics, an ambulance, or transport your child to the emergency room.

Medication at School  

Elementary students may not bring prescription or over-the-counter medication to school.  If your child needs to receive medication during the school day, please bring the medication to the school with the Canyons School District Request for Giving Medication At School Form.  You can obtain this form from the front office or district website.


All toys and personal items (eg. Pokemon cards, fidget spinners, balls, stuffed animals, etc) are expected to stay at home as these items cause a distraction from learning.  The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

*  *  *

Parking Lot and Loading/Unloading Procedures

Adults are setting lifelong examples for the children at Midvale Elementary.  Sometimes we tend to take risks that could endanger our children, especially if we are running behind schedule.  For the safety and well-being of all students, families and students are to adhere to the following:

  1. Parents parking in the parking lot and street need to escort their children to and from their car to the sidewalk area. Students must be accompanied by an adult while crossing the parking lot or street. Please use designated crosswalks.
  2. DO NOT park or leave your car unattended in the loading zones at any time.
  3. Students enter and exit cars in the DROP OFF area only. Please do not encourage your student to enter or exit cars in the red zone for your convenience as this creates safety issues.
  4. All cars are to stay in the drop off and pick up line until they have passed beyond the DROP OFF area. Do not pull out of line as this increases the chance of hitting unseen pedestrians.
  5. Students are not to walk between or behind parked vehicles.
  6. Drivers may not exit their vehicles unless the vehicle is parked in a designated parking stall with the engine turned off.
  7. If wanting to wait in your car to make sure your children get into the building safely, please park in a designated parking stall and encourage your student to use the designated crosswalk.
  8. The speed limit is 10 mph.

Safe Walking Routes

 For the safety and well-being of all students; families and students are to adhere to the following suggested walking routes.

The map below shows suggested walking routes for Midvale Elementary Students.

Please select the best route from your home to the school for our students to follow.  Mark this route with a red pencil or crayon.

You and your child should become familiar with the route by walking it together.  Please instruct your child to follow all crossing guard’s instructions and to use marked crosswalks.

Please note the following:

  1. Students must use sidewalks and/or painted walking areas.
  2. Students between 7500 South and Center Street east of Jefferson Street and west of State Street are encouraged to walk south to Center Street and then they will walk west on the sidewalks until they reach the school.
  3. Students between 7500 South and Center Street west of Jefferson Street and east of I-15 are encouraged to walk south utilizing sidewalks and the Midvale City Park until they reach the school.
  4. Students who live north of Center Street and west of I-15 are to walk on sidewalks south to Center Street and then walk east on the sidewalks until they reach the school.
  5. Students who live south of Center Street and east of I-15 are encouraged to walk north on major roads with sidewalks until they reach Center Street and then walk towards the school on the south side of the road until they reach the crosswalk in front of the school.
  6. Students who live west of I-15 and south of Center Street are encouraged to either:
    1. Walk north on major streets using sidewalks and crosswalks until they reach Center Street and then walk east on Center Street until they reach the front of the school, or
    2. Walk to Wasatch Street on major sidewalks and crosswalks then go east to Chapel Street, where they will turn left and go north to the back entrance of the school.

Thank you for taking the time to read over our school handbook.  If you have any questions, please contact Principal Reynolds at: Lori.Reynolds@canyonsdistrict.org

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