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September 19, 2022 – Minutes

Midvale Elementary School

School Community Council Meeting

9/19/22  4:00pm 


Lori Reynolds, Steve Brown, Heidi Sanger, Kwame Watson-Siriboe, Alyssa Watson-Siriboe, Haydee Franco, Jason Baxter, Kikey Fernandez, Julieta Ayona, Miriam Solano, Carolee Mackay, Sara Hermosillo (interpreter), Haydee Franco, Ana Castro, Maristella Martinez

Call to Order – Steve

Steve called the meeting to order at 4:06pm. Introductions were made. Reviewed role and purpose of the SCC, including the funding sources. At the first meeting we need to establish our council. 

Election of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary – Steve

According to our Bylaws, we can have 10 parent council positions. These voting members commit to attending all of the SCC meetings (6 per year). If we don’t have a quorum at the meetings we cannot vote. That said, everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. We can accommodate members attending virtually if necessary; however, the presentations may not be available to view at that time. 

Parent Members: Steve Brown, Jason Baxter, Kikey Fernandez, Haydee Franco, Julieta Ayona, Miriam Solano, Maristella Martinez, Ana Castro, Alyssa Watson-Siriboe, Kwame Watson-Siriboe

Reviewed roles of Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. Steve opened the floor for nominations for the positions. 

Haydee nominated Steve for Chair; Kikey seconded the motion. Steve is willing to accept the position. All voted in favor of Steve being Chair; none opposed. Motion carried. 

Nomination for Kwame for Vice Chair; he declined. Haydee nominated Alyssa; Kikey seconded. Alyssa accepted the nomination. No other nominations. All voted in favor; none opposed. Motion carried.

Alyssa nominated Heidi for Secretary; Haydee seconded. Heidi accepted. No other nominations. All voted in favor; none opposed. Motion carried.

Bylaws and rules of order and procedure –  Steve

The Bylaws and Rules of Order and Procedure are on the school website. Lori demonstrated how to find them and how to translate them. Article III has the Standing Rules for the meetings. Please review these. We need to vote on them. Kwame made a motion to postpone the vote until next meeting; Jason seconded. All voted in favor; none opposed. Motion carried. Physical copies were provided to those who requested them.

Approve Meeting Dates for the Year – Lori 

October 24    November 28   December (no meeting)  January  23  

February 27   March  27          April  24                           May  22

Jason moved to approve the meeting dates on the agenda; Ana seconded. All voted in favor; none opposed. Motion carried. All meetings will be held in the school library at 4:00pm.

SCC Training Dates – Lori 

September 27, 2022

Tuesday, September 27   10-11:30 a.m.  OR   6-7:30 p.m.

  • Note that these trainings are mandatory for all SCC members

School Safety/ Drill –  August and September -Carolee

Carolee is over the emergency procedures for the school. She just turned in the Safety Plan to the District. It reviews our evacuation routes and procedures. If we have to have everyone leave the property, we go to the Boys and Girls Club location. We do a drill every month. We will put this plan on the website. The District has increased the safety protocols to make things as safe as possible. 

Digital Citizenship – Heidi

We will review Digital Citizenship more in October when the State sends out the Spanish translations of the materials. 

Approval- Vote needed to move cell tower funds to Principal’s Discretionary Account

We don’t have a cell tower on our property; we will only receive $5000 in our cell tower budget this year. In the past we have used such funds to pay for meals for teachers during conferences, etc., as well as for prizes for PBIS Rewards. Lori is requesting to move the cell tower funds to the Principal’s Discretionary Account.

$750 for spring family conference meal for staff

$2000 for holiday party for staff

$500 for staff snack wagon

$1250 for Mustang PRIME store

We would leave the other $500 in the cell tower fund; if something came up during the school year it would be brought back to the SCC to approve. Haydee asked what happens to anything left over; it is accounted for and would remain in the discretionary fund. Haydee asked if there was anything left last year; there was not. Maristella asked if parents brought all of the food for everything this year, if the rest of the money could be given to the teachers. Steve discussed the regulations for employee incentives that need to be considered. Maristella just wanted to make sure that the funds benefit the faculty and students. We will review the budget and decide where the rest of the funding goes in January.  Haydee made the motion to move 4500 cell tower funds to Principal Discretion with a review being done in January.   Alyssa seconded the motion.  

New Business

  • Main form of communication for SCC – ParentSquare
  • Complete roster for voting members  (Heidi will update website)

October Agenda Items

Digital Citizenship, School Safety Report, Budgets, Land Trust & TSSP,  Brian McGill from Student Services will elicit feedback/Lifeskills 

Adjourn until October 24th  –   Jason made the motion to adjourn.  Alyssa seconded the motion.  All in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 5:24.  

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