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Dear Parents/Guardians, 

The Midvale Elementary Social/Emotional Team, which includes our counselor, school psychologist, school social worker and assistant principal, would like to offer some tips to help your children through these uncertain times. Please know that while the school is closed, we are here to support your student’s social and emotional needs. Here are some brainstorming ideas from another Canyons District school.

·       Something to keep in mind during uncertain times: just like at school, children do best when a routine is in place. Setting up a family routine for school work, physical exercise, play, household chores, reading time, quiet time, game time, meal times, etc., is key to a child feeling secure and safe. Routines are important, because structure lets a child know what they can expect. It gives them a sense of calm during uncertain times. 

·       A good practice would be to limit your child’s exposure to the media and news. Over exposure to media can cause worry and anxiety about things children may not understand or have no control over. It’s not a bad idea for adults, too.

·       Children need to be able to express their worries. Set aside time for your children talk about their concerns every day. Just a few minutes of one on one time of just listening to your child a day will really give a big benefit.

·       Have your child read every day for a least 30 minutes a day and have them disconnect from electronic devices. Find uplifting material. It’s a great escape and helps them build skills.

·       Share with your child your own coping skills. A great coping skill is meditation and mindfulness. There is a free app that you can down load on your phone. It has meditations for adults and children. The app is called “Insight Timer.” Another coping skill is having your child draw or make an art project that can express their worries. For older students writing in a journal may help them express their anxiety. The elementary students have all been taught “Belly Breathing”. They can show you what that means. It helps calm you when you are worried.

·       One of the most important things you can do is reassure your children that they are safe. In such a chaotic time, children need to know they are safe, and that they can trust you as a parent to keep them safe. This is hard when you have your own concerns, but the children look to us an anchor. It is a gift we give to those who depend on us. 

·       It is important for the adults to also get help when feeling overwhelmed, so we can be there for our children, who are the most vulnerable during this time. 

We hope these tips and ideas will help you and your children and can help you know how to manage some of the anxiety that comes with these uncertain times.

A link to valuable Wellness Resources on the CSD Parent Connections site can be found below.

Please be safe and know we are here to help!


Midvale Elementary Social/Emotional Team and Administration

Pamela Doyle

School Psychologist


Nicholas Lennox

School Counselor


Ashley McKinney

Assistant Principal


Ashley Nettleton

Social Worker


Heidi Sanger

Comm. School Facilitator


Denzil Watts



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