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Midvale Mustang Families,

Our school is identified as a school needing Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI). This means that we need to intensify our efforts to support all groups of children reaching higher achievement. The State Board of Education uses criteria from the federal education law (Every Student Succeeds Act) to track students in broad groups to help monitor achievement. The groups identified at our school include students with disabilities and students learning English. When one or more student groups in a school falls below the lowest 5% achievement score in the state for two years, that school must develop a specific plan to improve learning. It takes at least two years to exit TSI status, but it can take up to four years. Our School Improvement Plan has been updated to address specific learning needs.

Parents and families make a big difference. You can help by:

-Communicating frequently with your student’s teachers
-Making sure your student attends school regularly
-Helping your student with homework
-Monitoring your student’s screen time
-Reading aloud to your student
-Participating in school decision-making

Sincerely, Principal Reynolds

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