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February 27, 2023 – Minutes

SCC 1.23.23

Midvale Elementary  4:00 – 5:00pm   
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Lori Reynolds, Steve Brown, Carolee Mackay, Jason Baxter, Kikey Fernandez, Alyssa Watson-Siriboe, Heidi Sanger, Haydee Franco, Kwame Watson-Siriboe, Maria Guizar, Kenia Bush (interpreter)

Call Meeting to Order  – 

Steve called the meeting to order at 4:09pm.

Approval of January Minutes

Jason made a motion to approve the minutes; Haydee seconded. It passed unanimously. 

Safety Drill for January – Hazmat and a Hold

Carolee shared results from our January Hazardous Materials safety drill, which went well with no concerns. The same day, we did an actual Hold due to suspicious activity at the end of the school day at the nearby city park. When we heard from the police that it was safe to release the students, we did so at that time. We debriefed with Risk Management after that as well.

Begin Discussion for Land Trust/TSSP Goals for 2023-24

Lori shared a Presentation with SCC members. We are still in TSI (Targed School Improvement) status with the State. We are in this status in three areas: Students with Disabilities, English Language Learners, and Hispanic Student Groups. We left this status in the area of Economically Disadvantaged. The difficult thing is that the targeted scores change each year. It was noted that students can be counted in multiple groups. 

Proficiency vs. Growth: The goal is to support ALL students. However, being strategic in how we support specific student populations will actually support ALL students more effectively.

In the next month, our PLC’s will be digging deeper into school goals, looking at gaps and how to address them, what data they are using, and who they explicitly target instruction or students to address the goal. We will also provide additional professional learning for teachers. 

We asked teachers/grade levels what resources would need to be allocated to have these groups impacted over a long period of time. One of the main things desired is Instructional Aides (who must pass the highly qualified test). However, we have had an extremely difficult time finding Instructional Aides; we are quite short this year moreso than any other year. 

Another desire of the teachers is to have the opportunity to observe each other or other teachers teaching – we can cover these classes with substitute teachers.

Two other areas that are desired include having an additional SLP (or tech) as well as an additional SpEd teacher, but these funds are allocated by the District.

Many teachers noted that they would like SBI time for Math, similar to what is provided for ELA at this time (though again we haven’t been able to find Instructional Aides).

Third grade discussed having a leveled reader book baggie check out system. Admin and Coaches are looking at this. They also noted that they would like to see additional resources for attendance initiatives.

Fourth grade asked for a school-wide initiative for students to have data folders which hold student lines of evidence that show individual growth and can be shared at conferences. They requested additional science resources as well as more opportunities like the buddy classrooms.

The number of teachers assigned to our school is based upon enrollment so we don’t have a lot of control over that.

What we’d like to continue: 3rd behavior assistant (mentor), reading interventionists that work under our instructional coaches and support our literacy goals, substitutes for planning days, and growth goals, adding proficiency goals for 2023-24. 

Steve asked what might look different for our funding for next year. Lori noted that it will likely be similar, but adding more planning time for teachers so they can implement the goals.

Haydee asked if the instructional aides would need to have that level of training, if volunteers could assist instead? Lori stated that because we are Title I and have Federal funding, the requirement is that Instructional Aides meet that Highly Qualified status. Volunteers don’t need to meet that qualification, however. 

Lori talked about the conference that several staff went to last week, focusing on trauma and learning. One of the presenters was Doug Fisher, who wrote Removing Labels. We would like to do a book study with our staff with this book next year.

In March we will bring back the goals and the plan for SCC to review; please be present so we can vote as it needs to be submitted to the District in April.

Kwame asked why the Title I budget will be cut next year. Discussed that the Census took place during COVID and the level of need of our community wasn’t reflected in the Census data so the Title I budget for Canyons School District is being cut by 2 million dollars.

Kwame talked about showing the kids what their options are, how important their education is. What can we do as a community? Discussed an upcoming Career Day.


Alyssa made a motion to adjourn; Haydee seconded. Meeting adjourned at 5:26pm.

Next meeting March 27, 2023

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