7830 South Chapel Street, Midvale, UT 84047

January 23, 2023 – Minutes

Midvale Elementary School

SCC 1.23.23

  4:00 – 5:00   Media Center


Lori Reynolds, Carolee Mackay, Jason Baxter, Alyssa Watson-Siriboe, Heidi Sanger, Haydee Franco, Kwame Watson-Siriboe

Call Meeting to Order  – Alyssa

Alyssa called the meeting to order at 4:03pm.

Approval of November Minutes – Alyssa

The draft minutes from November are posted on the website. Jason motioned to approve the minutes from November; Lori seconded. The minutes were approved.

Principal’s Discretion Budget Review

Lori reported the following update on the Principal’s Discretion Budget: 

  • Christmas lunch for teachers and ESP’s: $855
  • Staff Gifts: Lanyards and cups: $200 (we supplemented some supply money to keep this cost down)
  • Payment pending to Coca-Cola for Fountain Drink Machine: $500-700
  • Upcoming: Spring Conference Meal – Admin does one night, PTA the other.  Teacher Appreciation Week – We plan with PTA and we do some small tokens of appreciation.

USBE Accountability Report (Postponed from Nov. meeting)

Lori will send the PowerPoint out to missing members so all can review. To review USBE Accountability Report, go to https://utahschoolgrades.schools.utah.gov/ Lori noted that the state report comes from end of year RISE testing in grades 3rd-5th ONLY.

Our students did well in the area of growth. We still have work to do in getting our students proficient. In terms of Early Literacy (K-3), which is not considered in the rating, only about 13.4% of students are reading on grade level, but this is not just a Midvale issue, it is being seen nationwide. We have received a letter Grade of a D for Developing, but just 2.4 percentage points away from a C which is Typical! We like to say that we have a C-minus!

Another tool that you can look at on the provided website is the School Comparison, which compares similar schools. 

What did we see in Canyons School District?

  • Lots of growth
  • Attendance concerns (At Midvale, this is a major concern)
  • Lower participation rates – “Counted as not proficient”
  • We need to balance the importance of growth AND proficiency. (Midvale is discussing this and moving towards both goals for 2023-24)
    • We need just 2 students per classroom to move to proficiency!!!! We can do this!

We have a huge issue with attendance at MES. We currently only have 242 out of 700+ students who are on track with their attendance. Teachers are reaching out to find out the reasons, invite students to come back to school, etc. We are working hard to improve these numbers.

Our teachers are working hard. They have a new curriculum, LETRS mandated training, working with coaches on early literacy and so much more. 

Safe Walking Route Plan

The route has not changed from last year. Carolee showed the map to demonstrate the routes, including the new areas being added next year. One small walking section is getting added for a new area. The walking routes just show neighborhoods within a mile; students living over a mile away qualify for busing. 

We are proposing moving the stop sign forward on Garden View Drive as well as flashing lights. Jason noted his concern about the walking route from Pioneer Street and through the middle school, which was discussed at length. Lori indicated that she can approach Risk Management about options.

Haydee noted that the crossing guards on Center Street are great and they decorate for holidays! 

The other area for concern is for the kids coming from Wasatch Street. Most kids do not follow the suggested route as they are supposed to as it is riskier to cross the entry into the parking lot with all of the traffic and takes longer to walk around than just to walk in front of the middle school.

All of this information has been entered into a document that is sent to the District/City once signed by at least 3 parent representatives. Alyssa, Jason and Haydee signed so it can be submitted.

Meeting Adjourned

Jason made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kwame seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm.

Next meeting February 27, 2023

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