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Midvale Elementary SCC Minutes 10.27.2020

Steve Brown, Lori Reynolds, Heidi Sanger, Alyssa Ball, Margaret McCann, Leon Wilcox, Haydee Franco, Juliet Meinzer

Meeting Called to Order at 4:01pm (via Google Meet)

School Boundary Update – Leon Wilcox, Business Administrator for CSD

Mr. Wilcox shared the update presentation from the Long Range Planning Committee regarding the Jordan Bluffs subdivision. Current boundaries, enrollment and school building capacities were shared for Midvale, Copperview, East Midvale, and Midvalley. There are currently about 40 students in the Jordan Bluffs area; the projected student increase is 150-200 students by 2025.

Mr. Wilcox shared two potential options. Option 1 has all of Jordan Bluffs going to Midvale Elementary, with other students shifting to Copperview, some Copperview students shifting to Midvalley, and some East Midvale students would shift to Midvale Elem. Option 2 would split Jordan Bluffs between Midvale Elementary and Copperview, with some Midvale students moving to Copperview, some Copperview students shifting to Midvalley, and some East Midvale students shifting to Midvale.

Next steps: At the November 10 Board meeting, the Board will select an option to present to the public, and then follow the requirements of SB245 (notify parents of all 4 schools, hold community meetings, must wait 120 days before formal approval). The change would be effective for the 2022-23 school year.

Mr. Wilcox requested input from the SCC that he could take back to the Board. Mr. Brown noted that the plans don’t really address bringing the enrollment of Midvalley up, and may not address future needs of Midvale/Copperview. It was noted that they are in the process of growing the DLI program at Midvalley. Pocket busing was discussed at the committee meetings; it is not an official option yet as the hope is to keep students in their own neighborhoods. Ms. Meinzer asked about accounting for the McKinney Vento population who may not be identified in these projections; Mr. Wilcox noted that it has been a part of their discussions. Ms. Reynolds will share the presentation with the SCC for further review.

Electing Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary

Nominations for Chair opened: Steve Brown was nominated and seconded. Mr. Brown accepted. Nominations closed, seconded, approved. Motion to elect Steve Brown, seconded, approved.

Nominations for Vice Chair opened: Juliet Meinzer nominated and seconded. Ms. Meinzer accepted. Nominations closed, seconded, approved. Motion to elect Juliet Meinzer, seconded, approved.

Ms. Sanger was appointed as secretary, accepted, approved.

Review and Approve Last Month’s Minutes

Correction in minutes: Jordan Bluffs students are actually going to Midvale, not East Midvale. Approved as corrected, seconded, approved.

Budgets:  Check in on Landtrust and TSSP-Principal Discretion/Cell Tower Funds

Land Trust Funds and TSSA Funds are posted on the website. TSSA funds go towards interventionists. Land Trust funds are also used for personnel.

Fall Acadience Data 

Ms. Reynolds reviewed Acadience Data, comparing same students last year to this year. It makes sense that we see regression given that many students didn’t participate in virtual learning in the spring with the soft closure, and some didn’t start right away this year either. It would be helpful to see if the numbers are similar to the schools around us. It is disheartening for our teachers after all the previous growth. Conversations in the community have indicated that the regression is similar in other schools as well.

TSI – Sped and ELL

We are in Targeted Support and Improvement status for our students receiving special education services and English Language Learners. Ms. Reynolds is focusing on more targeted goals for those students. Mr. Watts had used the 90 day plan to address these; Ms. Reynolds would like to make more specific targeted goals for these two areas. Ms. Reynolds can bring more information to the SCC about how TSI was determined and the goals in these areas.

Drill Update – Lockdown drill is scheduled for October 28th.  Locks! Lights! Out of Sight!  We will review procedures tomorrow in the faculty meeting.

School Safety Plan – School Safety Discussion– Please read the school safety report information on our district website SCC page ( prior to our next meeting November 30th.  Come with questions and ideas to help complete the following…

  • Who, besides the SCC members, participated (did you invite the SRO, school counselor, psychologist or district personnel?)
  • Did you feel the information presented in the District School Community Council School Safety Report was helpful?
  • What, if any, school safety items did your SCC discuss that were not in the report?
  • Your SCC has been asked to determine the #1 safety concern at your school after reading the report and discussing safety topics at your school. What has your SCC determined to be the #1 safety concern for your school?
  • What additional items did you identify as primary concerns, if any?
  • Does your SCC have an action plan to help address the concerns?

Digital Citizenship– Delayed this year. Henry Hartzler (4th grade) will be attending training, and will update us at an upcoming meeting. Ms. Reynolds plans to invite Scot McCombs from IT to discuss filtering in CSD. 

COVID Updates and Questions

Midvale has done a good job of mitigating risk, which includes masks, cleaning, etc. Discussion about how long blended learning will go (Fridays at home); this will be reassessed before winter break. The open window for changing learning options (online/in-person/parent-led) is November 1-8. Discussion about student expectations during quarantine; they are still expected to do the work (packets, CANVAS, etc.).

Motion to move November’s Meeting to November 30

This was proposed because the October meeting was pushed back. This was approved. The next meeting will be via Google Meet.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:35



Follow up email discussion regarding proposed boundary changes:

From: Bryant Brown <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 9:15 AM
To: Reynolds, Lori <>
Cc: Sanger, Heidi <>; Steve Brown <>; Haydee Franco <>;; Margaret McCann ( <>;; Kraft, Amanda <>; Meinzer, Juliet <>;
Subject: Re: Boundary Presentation

Building a 800 capacity elementary school to only half fill it would be fiscally irresponsible. I’ve sent letters to the school board. As everyone should. 

On Oct 28, 2020, at 9:46 AM, Steve Brown <> wrote:

I hope this was the message that Leon received from me as well.  That was the primary point that I made.  Making a zone change that only pushes the issues farther down the road is not a good practice either.  Leon did mention that the lower percentage at Midvalley was due to the district predicting that 80+ students who live in Midvalley’s boundaries that are permitting to other schools will return to Midvalley over the next couple of years.  That would bring their capacity to over 80%.  As I’ve thought about it over the evening and into this morning I realized that Midvalley has already opened as a new school and some of those numbers should have already started changing.  I’m starting to think that the district is just saying that to make an argument for keeping one of these plans that they have.  I still feel like neither of these plans is really viable.  During the last zoning change that the district did, they decided to pull our area away from our community school (Midvale) and force our kids to cross the 2 largest streets in the city (State Street and 7200 South) in order to get to school (East Midvale).  We lucked out because our oldest son was already in the Dual program at Midvale and our younger boys have thus far been able to be grandfathered into the program as well.  However most of the people in my neighborhood are not in that same situation.  It was also initially decided that “we were too close to the school for bussing” and the kids in our area would have to walk to school if their parents could drive them.  It wasn’t until there was an all out uproar and threats to get news agencies involved that the district decided to add a bus route.  I only give this back story so you all understand why I’m so leery and tentative when it comes to these plans.  It also shows that the districts excuse that they don’t want kids crossing major roads is just that.  An excuse that happens to fit with their current desire.  As I said l in our meeting, I know this is a challenging problem that the district is facing right now.  I appreciate the work that has been done thus far, but I still think they need to spend more time on this and come up with a plan that actually will work.

I have copied Mont Millerberg on this so any of you that don’t have his email have it now.  I also want to make sure that Mont isn’t blind sided by this and is fully aware of any concerns I have.  These are definitely just my opinions, and if you have differing opinions please feel free to share them, and make sure Mont or the other Board members hear them as well.  That is what I cherish most about the area we live in and the rights we are all freely given.  We all have the right to declare our opinions and help those representing us to truly represent our opinions.  They can only do that if we let them know how we feel.  Thank you all again for all that you do for our school.


From: Bryant Brown <>
Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 11:42 AM
To: Steve Brown <>
Cc: “Reynolds, Lori” <>, “Sanger, Heidi” <>, Haydee Franco <>, “” <>, “Margaret McCann (” <>, “” <>, “Kraft, Amanda” <>, “Meinzer, Juliet” <>, “” <>, “Millerberg, Mont” <>
Subject: Re: Boundary Presentation

Thanks for your response. To think 80 plus students will trickle back in seems like an excuse, not a plan. Kids don’t want to be uprooted. 

Additionally, I personally don’t get Utah’s hang up with bussing kids. I come from a similar neighborhood in a elementary with 300 kids in New Jersey. 90% of the kids were put on a bus. Some of us had to go four or five miles over many busy roads. 

Currently, the largest elementary school will have the least amount of kids. From a percentage standpoint. Had I know the district would have done a different direction than what I was literally told, I would have voiced my concerns a lot sooner. It appears that I was placated into believing something was going to happen, when in turn, the plan was literally the opposite. 

Midvale has a ton of challenges as a title 1 school and, in the not so recent past, a failing school. At this point, the district is the one failing this school. 


Thank you for your thoughtful comments.  I will share this feedback with Leon and the team.  I know they respect your opinions, and as Leon said, this is a process in which he wants and values your input.  Thank you for being such great advocates for our students at Midvale Elementary! 

Lori Reynolds    
Midvale Elementary

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