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Midvale Elementary SCC 9.21.20

 4:00 PM / Google Meet /


Lori Reynolds, Steve Brown, Heidi Sanger, Margaret McCann, Bryant Brown, Juliet Meinzer, Amanda Kraft


Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Motion to defer vote until more voting members; approved.

Establish Rules of Order and Procedure – Steve

These are on the school website. Members should review these each year. 

Review By-laws – Steve

These are on the school website. Members should review these each year, especially before the next meeting when we vote on chair/vice chair.

Info Sheet – Meeting Dates for the Year – Lori

Lori reviewed the document she has prepared that includes training information, upcoming meetings and discussions, etc. She will send it out to everyone after votes/elections. 

SCC Training Dates – Lori 

Training dates were moved to October 1 (1-2:30, 6:30-8) and 13 (10-11:30, 6:30-8). Trainings are limited to 30/room at a time, approximately 1.5 hours. Lori will send the links. There is also a virtual option. 

Report of Safety Drill for September -Lori

The fire drill was completed, one grade at a time due to COVID-19 precautions. It went very well. We have a lot of new students and it was a great slow drill for them to see what the procedures are. October is our lock down drill. Dr. McKinney will review procedures with staff and we will complete that with students in October.

School-Wide Communication ParentSquare – Heidi 

We are planning to start using a new communication app for teachers to communicate with families. This app was presented to the District board, but not approved district-wide yet. If more than 80% of teachers in any one school wanted to use Parent Square, the District agreed to pay for it for one year. Close to 90% of Midvale teachers were in support, so we are moving forward. The contract was signed last week and we are waiting for ParentSquare to build our system. It is important to have one consistent communication app rather than many (teachers use ClassDojo, ClassTag, Remind, Bloomz, etc.). This app will translate communications between teachers and families so that families can receive the information in the language they choose. Lori noted that this is so important for our community. Margaret agreed it will be helpful to have just one communication system.

New Business

PTC Online – Fall

Parent Teacher conferences are virtual this week, using Google Meet, phone call, or another format. We are looking forward to high participation with our families. The sign up window closed on Friday so we will be looking to get the other families scheduled. This is such an important opportunity for teachers to share progress reports with families. We don’t know what it will look like for the spring. Amanda said she is almost at 100% for registration! She is very excited! 

Margaret asked what will happen if a call goes long. Lori said she is encouraging teachers to be mindful of the time and to schedule another meeting, needing to be extra vigilant. There is such a short window. Encourage teachers to remind families at the beginning of each conference about the time frame.

Address Any Questions the Council May Have

Steve asked if there is preference for what we use for future SCC meetings. If we start the Zoom from the education accounts we can use it longer than 40 minutes.  For October we will tentatively plan for in-person in the media center so it is easier to project.

Lori noted that she has attended some meetings regarding boundary shifts. There is a new Jordan Bluffs development; it is being discussed where those students will go with the least impact on any one school. They are considering having some of those students come to Midvale and shifting an existing boundary with those students going to Copperview. There are 31 students in the Jordan Bluffs development and they are currently going to East Midvale. Lori will show the SCC those maps in October. Dual immersion students would likely still be allowed to stay in the program.

Meeting adjourned at 4:38.

October Agenda  

Digital Citizenship, School Safety Report, Budgets, Land Trust & TSSP and TSI

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