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September 25, 2023 – Minutes

Midvale Elementary School

School Community Council Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Monday, September 25, 2023, 4:00 pm
Midvale Elementary Media Center

In Attendance: Steve Brown, Carolee Mackay, Kikey Fernandez, Jason Baxter, Stephanie Miller, Heidi Sanger, Alyssa Watson-Siriboe, Kwame Watson-Siriboe

Meeting was called to order at 4:10pm.

Agenda Items:

  1. Welcome to New and Returning Members
    1. Five voting parent members, 2 voting staff members, and one non-voting staff member were present.
    2. Introductions were made.
  2. Discussion and vote on approval of the May 22, 2023, meeting minutes.
    1. Jason made a motion to approve the minutes from May; seconded by Alyssa. All in favor. Motion passed.
  3. SCC Elections
    1. Steve reviewed the positions up for election: Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary, to serve for a one-year term. Noted that the Chair must be a parent representative. 
    2. Chair: Alyssa nominated Steve; Jason seconded the nomination. Steve accepted the nomination. No discussion. All approved; nomination approved.
    3. Vice Chair: Jason nominated Alyssa; Carolee seconded the nomination. Alyssa accepted the nomination. No discussion. All approved; nomination approved.
    4. Secretary: Carolee nominated Heidi; Jason seconded the nomination. Heidi accepted the nomination. No discussion. All approved; nomination approved.
  4. Land Trust / TSSP updates and review
    1. Carolee noted that we received more money than last year. The amounts are listed on the website. We currently have 9 interventionists hired and will be hiring one more. We have 4 recess aides. These are some of the positions funded through these TSSP/Land Trust funds. Kwame asked if the school will maintain these funds as students improve test scores; Steve explained that yes, we will continue to receive these funds. ESSR funds are no longer around, but the positions funded by ESSR funds won’t affect us.
  5. School safety plan, Digital Citizenship, District Safety Protocols
    1. School Safety Plan/District Safety Protocols
      • Reviewed this website: https://www.canyonsdistrict.org/safe-schools/
      • Completed our August and September drills (Fire, Lockdown)
      • Reviewed questions that will need to be answered prior to November 1 when the School Safety Plan is due, including: Are there any safety concerns not addressed by the District?, What do you feel is MES’ #1 Safety Concern?, and what is our Action Plan?
      • Discussed concerns with the parking lot, including where parents should park for Kindergarten drop off. 
      • Discussed concerns with bullying. Alyssa wondered about a support group of sorts. Discussed current opportunities as well as room for growth. 
      • Over the next month, members should consider these questions and be ready to discuss.
      • Kikey noted concerns about dress code and preference for school uniforms. 
    2. Digital Citizenship https://www.canyonsdistrict.org/scc-digital-citizenship/
      • Reviewed website information at link above. Watched 5 minute video on the District website; asked members to view the longer video before the next meeting. 
      • Reviewed the questions that need to be answered for the plan; members will consider those questions for the next meeting.
      • Kwame asked how internet safety can be supported at home. Information is sent home monthly to parents via ParentSquare to provide information.
  6. Other Items
    1. Reminder to attend SCC training at the Canyons Center. The last options available are: 
      • Wednesday, September 27th at 10:00 am or 6:00 pm
    2. Meeting scheduling 2023-2024 school year
      • September 25, 2023 
      • October 30, 2023
      • November 27, 2023
      • January 29, 2024
      • February 26, 2024
      • March 18, 2024
      • April 29, 2024
      • May 20, 2024
  7. Adjourn
    1. Jason motioned to adjourn; Kikey seconded. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 5:18pm.

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