Midvale Elementary School Reopening Plan for 2020-2021 All state and district requirements are supported by the school as indicated in the following plan:


At Home 

  • Parents monitor for symptoms and check students’ temperature daily.
  • Keep students home if they are ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Communicate with school about risk factors/concerns.
  • Work with teachers to ensure access to online materials during long periods of absence.
  • Reduce the number of visits to school and schedule appointments in advance.
  • Stay informed through school newsletters, social media, and Skylert Communications.
  • Parents will assist students in bringing a clean cloth face mask or a new disposable face mask each day.

Student Face Coverings

  • Students, with the support of parents, will be asked to wear a clean face mask to school each day. Disposable face masks will be available for students who arrive without one.
  • Each student will be provided a 2-clasp lanyard (for safety purposes) to attach their face mask so they have easy “on and off” access to their face mask throughout the day.
  • Each lanyard will have the student’s name on it.

Example: During lunch face masks will be worn while standing in line, but once they are seated they will remove their face mask.  It will be attached to their lanyard to eliminate setting it down, other students touching the face mask, and will help students keep track of their face masks.

Lining Up Outside

  • Enter through grade level doors, one class at a time.  
  • Mandatory in two lines practicing physical distancing guidelines in-between.  
  • Line up with distance in-between each class, each teacher will pick up their own kids, one class enters at a time. 
  • Students will put their arm out to space for the student in front of them.
  • Designate with chalk/paint to organize classrooms.


  • Action plans will be presented, and training provided to all educational staff.
  • Teachers and students will wear a face mask at all times.
  • Physical distancing will be maintained as possible.
  • Students will be instructed to limit contact with other students and classroom objects.
  • Students will be required to stay in their assigned seat- all forward facing desks.
  • Students will be asked to report safety and sanitation concerns to their teacher.
  • Extra furniture will be removed (reading corners, etc…) from the classrooms to maximize each classroom’s space.
  • Materials will be provided for students who wish to sanitize their desk and chair at the beginning of each day.
  • Teachers will sanitize their equipment as often as possible. Each classroom will have hand sanitizer available for student and teacher use.
  • Seating charts will be required and maintained for the first grading period, (and extended into the next if needed).  
  • Students will be provided with needed supplies to use at their individual seat to alleviate sharing of supplies with others.  

Sanitizing Between Classroom Transitions

  • Students/teachers will sanitize their desk and chair at the end of their morning and afternoon classes with district approved sanitizing supplies.


  • Flow, and direction lines will be painted on the floors, (to be done by August 17th).
  • Signage will be posted on doors.
  • Students will walk on the right side, indicated by signage and floor markings.
  • Students will keep an arm’s length space between themselves and the student in front of them.  
  • Adults will be present in the hallways to remind students to stay on the right side.
  • Hall passes will be closely monitored by teachers and administrators.
  • Full sanitization and cleaning will be done at the end of each day.
  • Hand sanitizing dispensers have been installed throughout the school.


  • Lunch times are staggered to allow 5 minutes between each grade level to alleviate congestion in the hallway and to allow time for sanitation.
  • Tables will be marked with an “x” where students are allowed to sit and place their trays.
  • Cafeteria employees will wear face coverings and gloves at all times
  • Hand sanitizing stations are set up at the entrance/exit of the cafeteria.
  • Tables will be cleaned and sanitized after breakfast and every lunch.
  • Students will wear face masks while waiting in lines.  

Breakfast Considerations

  • We will open up the gym and cafeteria with tables for breakfast to maximize physical distancing.  
  • Breakfast will be served from 8:00-8:20 a.m. with physical distancing protocols in place.

Lunch Considerations 

  • Lunch times will be staggered to reduce the number of students in line at a time.
  • Students will use physical distancing guidelines at all times.  
  • Food areas will be sanitized between each lunch and at the end of each day.

Water Fountains 

  • Signage will be placed on the floor indicating a separation of 6 ft.
  • Water bottles have been purchased for each student and will be filled at the water fountains.
  • Drinking directly from the fountain will be discouraged.  


  • For the first grading period, lockers will not be used and students will keep backpacks or materials at their desks.  This can be extended into the next grading period if needed. 


  • Outside when weather-permitted.
  • Face coverings when physical contact games/ sports are played


  • Students are in the library for less than 15 mins engaged in an activity such as checking out books or listening to a story. 
  • Students will maintain physical distancing guidelines when at the rug or anywhere in the library.   Center Technician will wear face mask while in the library. 


  • Students will be outside for less than 15 minutes and engaged in an activity.
  • Equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc…) will be sanitized by recess aides between the grade level recess times.
  • Playground equipment will be sanitized by custodial staff as directed by the district.  

Mustang Days

  • PBIS Matrix.  Teachers at each grade level will decide and coordinate times for teaching the different areas in the school for PBIS with considerations for these mitigation guidelines. 

Health & Quarantine room

  • Students demonstrating signs of any illness will be required to sit in the health room wearing their face coverings (when appropriate).  
  • A one panel room divider will separate the two beds in the health room for safety and privacy.
  • The school custodian will sanitize after someone has been in there.   
  •  A nurse will be contacted when students show signs that are related to COVID. 
  •  If there are more than two students showing signs of illness, we will have vinyl “nap mats” available for students to lay down on in an administrator’s office wearing a face mask.  These will be sanitized immediately after use.  


  • Labels on the floors will indicate 6 ft. of physical distancing.
  • All students will be taught appropriate bathroom etiquette.
  • Education will be provided as well as signage posted on proper hand hygiene practices.  
  • High-frequency touch points in the restrooms will be sanitized regularly (three-times daily) 
  • Restrooms will be sanitized nightly.
  • Minimize the number of individuals in a restroom at a time. Provide signage for distancing spots for students who need to wait outside the restroom. 

Carpet & Rug Time– Including Morning Meeting 

  • If students are learning at the rug, they should only be there 10 – 15 minutes, and use physical distance between students. 
  • Consider standing or sitting in a circle using physical distancing during Morning Meeting. 
  • Explicitly teach a way for students to show they are listening (SLANT) and when they are the speaker in the circle (avoid talking pieces). 

Training kids in Hygiene

  • Presentation is coming from the district for training students.  
  • Students will receive this training on the first day of school and reviewed daily the first week, later reviewed as needed. 

Oral Language Block

  • Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer before OLB and after OLB. 
  • Plan, Do, and Review will be more structured, with three rotations to specific stations.
  • Physical distancing and sanitizing guidelines will be used during this block.  


  • Create a log of who they work with (volunteer Log), have one log per volunteer, keep in binder and give each time they come in.
  • Signs will remind visitors to wear face masks and check for symptoms.
  • To assist with contact tracing, visitors who go past the main office reception area will be asked to sign in with their name, date, and destination; they will also be required to wear a face mask and visitor badge and conduct a brief temperature check.
  • Visitors are encouraged to schedule appointments in advance with school staff, including counselors, administrators, and teachers.
  • During the first grading period, in an effort to reduce traffic in the office, parents are also encouraged not to deliver lunch or special-occasion items (e.g. balloons, etc.).
  • Visitors are encouraged to stand behind plexiglass screens when interacting with office staff.
  • High-contact items will be disinfected frequently.


  • Transportation will provide a seating chart for each student that rides the bus. 
  • Administrators will work with transportation to support seating chart development so that students in like homerooms are seated together. 
  • Face masks will be worn on the bus.  

After School Program 

(Adhere to all school plans indicated above for each area of the school)

  • Attendance is taken daily for contact tracing 
  • After school bus will need spaced seating assignments, students will wear face masks.
  • After school program coordinator and aides will be responsible for supporting this mitigation plan (including, but not limited to:  cafeteria table spacing, one at a time restroom breaks, students will wear face masks when 6 feet distancing cannot be adhered to, sports enrichment time will utilize face masks).


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