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Families, we want to take a moment to revisit the importance of being on time and being in school. While we understand that this year has been an unusual one, we also want to make sure that each and every student has the opportunity to take advantage of the instruction and learning in the classroom.

Each day of learning begins right when the second bell rings at 8:30am, which means students should arrive before the first bell at 8:25am. When students miss instruction, they miss concepts that are important in the sequence of learning. When they come back after a day of missed school, they have to try to catch up to the rest of the class, which doesn’t feel good for students.

This video link shows parents talking about why good attendance is critical for kids: 
Click Here for Attendance Video in English
Click Here for Attendance Video in Spanish

Take a look at this Infographic for more information about the importance of being in school:

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