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Call Meeting to Order

Review and Approve Last Month’s Minutes

School Boundary Update – Leon Wilcox

Budgets:  Check in on Landtrust and TSSP-Principal Discretion/Cell Tower Funds

Fall Acadience Data 

TSI – Sped and ELL

Drill Update – Lockdown scheduled for October 28th.  Locks! Lights! Out of Sight!  Review procedures tomorrow in the faculty meeting.

School Safety Plan – School Safety Discussion– Please read the school safety report information on our district website SCC page ( prior to our next meeting November 30th.  Come with questions and ideas to help complete the following…

  • Who, besides the SCC members, participated (did you invite the SRO, school counselor, psychologist or district personnel?)
  • Did you feel the information presented in the District School Community Council School Safety Report was helpful?
  • What, if any, school safety items did your SCC discuss that were not in the report?
  • Your SCC has been asked to determine the #1 safety concern at your school after reading the report and discussing safety topics at your school. What has your SCC determined to be the #1 safety concern for your school?
  • What additional items did you identify as primary concerns, if any?
  • Does your SCC have an action plan to help address the concerns?

Digital Citizenship– Delayed this year. Henry Hartler (4th grade) will be attending training, and will update us at an upcoming meeting. I plan to invite Scot MCCombs from IT to discuss filtering in CSD. 

COVID Updates and Questions

Motion to move November’s Meeting to November 30

Meeting Adjourn



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